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Anti Money Laundering Supervision

Paisley Bookkeeping's Anti-Money Laundering Supervision is provided by the International Association of Bookkeepers. In order to meet the criteria and remain eligible for membership and supervision, we subscribe to a code of ethics. This is called The Framework of Regulation for all Members and reads as follows:IAB Framework of Regulation for all MembersAll members must comply with the following regulations:1) A member or a person entering into membership of the Association must comply with...

February 4, 2019

Self Assessment Tax Returns

The deadline for self-assessment tax returns was the 31st of January (for online submissions) and has now been and gone. Anyone who files their tax return later than the deadline is subject to a fine of £100 from HMRC. However, we have noticed that a lot of people tend to leave their self-assessment to the last minute and then have to rush to provide their receipts and income information so as not to miss the deadline. A bit like scrambling to get your homework done for 8 classes in one day ...

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